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Selected Writing

Crossing the Street in Hanoi (Intellect/University of Chicago Press) is a study of media and cultural artifacts that constitute the remembrance of a tragic war as reflected in the stories of eight people who lived it. Using memoir, history and criticism, this book is based on scholarly research, teaching and writing, as well as extensive personal journals, interviews and exclusive primary source material. Links: Chapter 2 Excerpt, Book Reviews, & Book Events. Download: Powerpoint Book Talk

"Remembering Gregory Bateson," Kybernetes, Fall 2013.

"The Great Media Bailout," in Muntadas and Reese, Political Advertisements VIII, 2012.  

Letters Home from Vietnam 2007-2008

Fulbright Sponsored Presentations at Universities in Vietnam 2007-2008: Can Tho University, Vung Tau University, Hanoi University of Education #2, Ho Chi Minh National University (lecture series), Nha Trang University, Hanoi University. Topics included Media Education for the 21st Century; New Media Literacy; Educating Media Managers; "History and Nature of U.S. Media Studies"; Communication and Media Studies: An Introduction to the U.S. Discipline.

"Separated at Birth: Argument by Irony in Hearts and Minds and Fahrenheit 9/11." Atlantic Journal of Communication. Summer 2005, 13, 56-72.

“Hearts and Minds Redux.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the New York State Communication Association,” Tarrytown, New York.
October 2003.

“Speaking Peace.” Workshop led for the Veterans Speakers Alliance/Veterans for Peace. San Francisco, California, June 2003.

"Scholarly Observations and Meditations: Perspectives on September 11, 2001" (with others). New Jersey Journal of Communication. 10:1. Spring 2002, 2-16.

“From Hanoi to Hollywood.” Invited presentation at the Brooklyn Academy of Music series on Vietnam War Films., Brooklyn, New York,
December 2002.

“The New Media War.” Presentation to The New School Board of Governors, October 2001.

"Media Elision." Immediacy, an online journal. 2001.

"Vietnam and the Media: The Lost World of LIFE Magazine." Keynote address at the NEH conference on "California and the Vietnam Conflict." Oakland Museum, Oakland, California, October 2000.

"Activism in the Academy." Presentation to the annual meeting of the New York State Communication Association, Monticello, New York,
September 2000.

"A Conversation about the Beginnings," (with others). In Wendel Ray, ed. Evolving Brief Therapies: In Honor of John Weakland. Geist and Russell, 1999.

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"L. Edna Rogers and Relational Communication." In Nancy Signorelli, ed. Women in Communication. Greenwood, 1996, 328-339.

"Vietnam is a Country Not a War." University Lecture sponsored by the Office of the Provost, New School for Social Research, New York,
November 1996.

"Reflections on Tragedy." Three invited presentations at the 25th year commemoration of the Kent State killings, Kent, Ohio, May 1995.

"Vietnam in American Popular Culture." Presentation to the Southeast Asian Studies Program, San Francisco State University, San Francisco,
April 1995.

"Patterns of Interactional Paradoxes." (first author; with Sue Collins). In Brian Spitzberg and William Cupach, eds. The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication. Erlbaum, 1994, 83-103.

"Vietnam Envisioned and Remembered." Presentation invited by Swords to Plowshares at the War Memorial Building, San Francisco, November 1994."Vietnam Today." Invited presentation to the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, February 1994.

"Waging Peace with Vietnam." Faculty retreat discussion leader, San Francisco, January 1994.

"Vietnam: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." Presentation to the Humanities Club for Elders, San Francisco, September 1993.

"The Rhetorical Roller Coaster to War: San Francisco Chronicle Headlines 8/2/1990-1/15/1991." (first author; with Adam Colby). Magazine. Fall 1992. 11:2, 110-120.

"The Rhetorical Rollercoaster to War" (with Adam Colby) Top ranked paper presented at the annual meeting of the Western States Communication Association, Boise, Idaho, February 1992.

"Reading the Media." Invited presentation to the Global Peace Studies Program, San Francisco, October 1991, and to the Unitarian Universalist Women, San Francisco, May 1991.

"The Rhetorical Rollercoaster to War." Invited presentation to the Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,
March 1991.

Presentations about Gulf War at Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, Menlo School, Hasting College of Law, New College, SF Humanities Club. Media appearances on KCBS, KQED, KGO radio, KGO-TV, PBS, January 1991.

"Talking About Vietnam." Seven-part lecture series sponsored by the California Council for the Humanities, Fremont, California, Oct-December 1991.

"Wounded Warriors and the Revisionist Myth." In Arthur Berger, ed. Media U.S.A., 2nd edition. New York: Longman, 1990, 197-205.

"Teaching Social Change." Presentation to the School of Communication, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, May 1990.

"Media Responsibilities in Manmade Catastrophes." Invited Kent State University Forum presentation as part of May 4th Commemoration, Kent, Ohio, May 1990.

"Television on Trial: Deception in the Case of the 'Uncounted Enemy'." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association,
St. Louis, Missouri, April 1989.

"Teaching Vietnam." Workshop led at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 1988.

"The Double Bind of Vietnam Combat Veterans: Four on Film." Invited presentation to a conference on war films, William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequence, University of Massachusetts- Boston, March 1988.

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"Mixed Messages in the Media: The Rhetoric of Rambo." Seminar presented at the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, California, August 1987.

"Style vs Substance in the Rhetoric of Rambo." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Montreal, Canada, May 1987.

"The Rambo Myth and the Revisionist Fantasy." Invited presentation to the Department of Psychology, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, May 1986.

"Introduction" to Hugh Duncan's Communication and Social Order, Transaction Edition New Brunswick: Transaction,
1985, 7-27.

"Muddles and Metaphors: A Response to Keeney and Sprenkle." Family Process, December 1982, 397-400.

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"From the Interactional View: A Conversation with Paul Watzlawick." Journal of Communication. Fall 1978, 35-45.

"A Conversation with Colin Cherry." Human Communication Research. Summer 1977, 354-362.

"Teaching Communication Process Modeling." Communication Education. January 1977, 72-74.







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