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Yen Vi River, Vietnam











Film and Video

HanoiUMediaLab, various videos 2007-2011

"In Honor of Gregory Bateson," American Society for Cybernetics Conference, Asilomar, California, 2012.

"Multiple Versions of the World: Gregory Bateson at 100" 6-volume DVD set, 2005. Editor. Producer Nora Bateson.

"New School Citings" Video. 8:00 minutes, 2004. Researcher, Editor.

"Facing Fear: Images of the Enemy in Film" 52:00 minutes. Researcher, Editor.Screened at "Fear: Its Political Uses and Abuses" conference. New School University. February, 2004.

"Puttin' On The Dog" 16mm film. 9:45 minutes, 2002. Writer, Director, Editor. Screened at The New School Film Show, Bar Harbor Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, National Arts Club, International Dog Film Festival (2005). Distributed by New York Filmmaker's Cooperative.

Executive Producer of the following 1979-1981 videotapes, distributed by San Francisco State University Instructional Television Services:"On the History of the Interactional View, with John H. Weakland", "Riddles of Self-Reflexiveness, with Paul Watzlawick", "Frontiers in the Philosophy of Science, with Heinz von Foerster", "Paradigmatic Conservatism, with Gregory Bateson", and "The Interactive Bind, with Kenneth Burke. Naturforscher: A Conversation with Heinz von Foerster", "Present Imperfect. Murry Bowen, Jay Haley, Virginia Satir, Margaret Singer, and Carl Whitaker on the future of family therapy".




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